Export Commodities

Ethiopia’s Export commodities

The export commodities of the country are being diversified instead of relying on the mono crop, coffee, which was the case some years ago. With the emerging of new commodities year after year the number of importing countries of its export products has risen to more than 100.

Major export items (2007/08)

Coffee 35.8%

Oil seeds 14.9%

Pulses 9.8%

Flower 7.6%

Chat 7.4%

Leather and leather products 6.8%

Gold 5.4%

Live animals 2.8%

Meat and meat products 1.4%

Fruits and vegetables 0.9%

Others 7.2%

Monday the 21st. Ethiopian Pulses, Oilseeds and Spices Processors Exporters Association
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