Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities Agriculture and Allied activities

Ethiopia is one of the few countries endowed with ideal climatic conditions and diverse and enormous natural resources that favor commercial production of almost all tropical and sub-tropical crops, horticulture livestock, poultry, and others.

Agriculture is the leading sector in the Ethiopian Economy with 73.6 million hectares of land (45 percents of the total area) suitable for agriculture. Out of which only about 17.1 million hectares are currently utilized; 10 million hectares of irrigable land (only 3 percent) utilized; 18 major agro- ecological zones and 62 sub zones; and Climate  suitable for growing of over 146 types of crops. Plenty of Investment Opportunities exist in the commercial farming of the following

Food Crops

Cereals and Pulses: Wheat, sorghum, barely, millet, maize, rice, beans, peas, rough peas, vetch, lentils, fenugreek, peanuts, horse beans, soybeans, chick peas, pulses, etc; and

Oil crops: Sesame, Niger seed, flax, rapeseed, linseed, cotton seed, sunflower, groundnut, castor beans etc.

Beverage Crops

Coffee: Ethiopia is a leading coffee Arabica producer in Africa. Investment opportunities exist in large scale commercial coffee farming and coffee roasting and packing for international market.


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