Oil Seeds

Oil Seeds

Sesame seed

In Ethiopia a large number of sesame seed varieties exist. The varieties that are well known are Humera Gonder and Wellega. The Humera variety is appreciated worldwide for its aroma and sweet taste. It is suitable for various bakery products. The Gonder type is also suitable for the bakery market The Gonder type is also suitable for the bakery market. The major competitive advantage of the Wellega type is its high oil content.


Linseed is mainly used for the domestic consumption in Ethiopia .yet linseed is of increasing importance for the industry in highly developed consumer markets due to the specific non saturated fatty acids


Safflower can be a dual purpose crop: the seeds as oil crop and the petals for extracting dyes. The petals can be picked some weeks before the harvesting of the seeds. The crop can be grown after cereals as a second crop.

Niger seed (Noug)

Niger seed exports have since 2002 passed coffee exports to the US and accounts for a third of Ethiopia’s exports to America. Ethiopia uses the Niger seed for the oil extraction for human consumption as cooking oil.

Castor Beans

Castor beans grow naturally and abundantly in the highland of Ethiopia .The leaf of the castor plant are identified as one of the best for the silk worms .The oil is rich in ricinoleic acid and is highly valued oil for a wide range of technical uses.



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